Understanding the Different Kinds of Entrepreneurship


The ever-evolving world of the 21st century has proven, if anything, that there are always new ways to pursue entrepreneurship. There are many different kinds of entrepreneur, and it’s important to be aware of them so that you can properly guide yourself through your own business journey. The following are the main kinds of entrepreneurship.

The Environmentally Friendly Enterprise

Examples: Vicki Buck, Chris Tuppen

It is important in today’s world that there are entrepreneurs out there who care about the environment and run operations meant to address the effects of climate change. They are either based on providing environmentally friendly products or are focused on running a sustainable business.

The Head of Multiple Ventures

Examples: Steve Jobs, Michael Eisner

There are many people out there who just find themselves unable to focus on a single enterprise, leading them to try their hand at many different trades and areas throughout their business practice. This allows them to keep innovating and building upon their work in various fields and build synergy.

The Information Provider

Examples: Larry Page, Natalie Wynn

Some entrepreneurs are focused on making information their venture’s key product, selling courses, books, and their own experience to those seeking information on the field in question. Information entrepreneurs tend to make themselves their own product, using online channels to easily distribute information and make a profit in the process.

The Moms Running Businesses

Examples: Ann Sarnoff, Kathleen Kennedy

As women continue to break new barriers, the business world is being forced to open itself up to the many ambitious women that prove they can actually have it all. Motherhood only means that these women are prepared to handle even more unpredictabilities and tackle the harsher aspects of the business world.

The One-Person Business

Examples: Oprah Winfrey, Pierre Omidyar

It is rare, but there are actually plenty of people out there that have been able to develop one-person businesses around their economic endeavor. These people solidify their business identity and merge it with their own, cementing a solid and unique place for themselves on a highly competitive landscape.

The Online Seller

Examples: Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg

An increasing number of businesses are basing most of their presence, if not all of it, on the internet. Some of the largest companies today barely have any sort of physical presence, existing solely on people’s electronic devices. This route of entrepreneurship may be highly competitive, but it is also remarkably accessible.

The Social Server

Examples: Melinda Gates, Blake Mycoskie

Business doesn’t have to be solely a for-profit endeavor. Plenty of people dedicate themselves to running organizations that fight for social change and a variety of different causes. These organizations run sustainable and humane operations under an established mission statement and an ethical business plan.

Brian Suder Inc, Guide to Entrepreneurship

With a constant emphasis on the importance of leadership and entrepreneurship, Brian Suder Inc. has been able to expand over different areas of modern business. By way of tackling new emerging fields and using older relevant experience, Suder has managed to establish himself as a leading voice in the financial and legal landscapes, where he is respected as a reliable investor, trustworthy consultant, and experienced entrepreneur. For years, he has managed to expand and refine his own operation without getting too comfortable with one set way of doing things.

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