Brian Suder Homeless Initiative

Brian Suder has set out to volunteer 20 hours a week in various causes and organizations that benefit the homeless. Although he currently resides in Los Angeles, he works to give back to his hometown of Baltimore. Mr. Suder spends time volunteering at homeless shelters and non-profit organizations between the two cities. He has become instrumental in the efforts and missions of LA-based DreamCenter and Baltimore-based CityFam.

The DreamCenter Foundation in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, unfortunately, has gone through an epidemic of homelessness that has reached a crisis level. This is why Brian Suder has chosen to work closely with the Dream Center in Los Angeles– a faith-based charity that helps those struggling with homelessness stay fed and clothed. Dream Center’s programs work to have a lasting impact by putting homeless people in touch with the right resources to help deliver a lasting transformation. Through the Dream Center’s adult education program, Mr. Suder volunteers as a teacher in one of the advanced programs that help reformed gang members establish businesses.

Brian Suder and other dedicated volunteers often offer help in Downtown LA’s skid row, one of the most concentrated areas of homelessness in America. There they pass out food, provisions, and clothing to those in need.

City Fam

Mr. Suder chooses to work with CityFam because of its deep roots and impactful presence in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. The non-profit is a nationwide movement of like-minded people who set out volunteer and raise money for various charities that make a difference in communities that could use a friendly, helping hand.

Aside from volunteering in the office in coordinating fundraisers and accounting, Brian Suder likes to remain hands-on in the revival of Baltimore’s communities and assisting with the city’s homeless. He has helped implement CityFam’s own Adopt The Block program that has been instrumental in the revival in the revival of several of the city’s struggling communities.

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