Exciting Things to Do in Beverly Hills, CA

Filling your days with fun activities won’t be hard on a trip to Beverly Hills. The town has a lot of attractions and places to visit. These include. Visit this link for more information.

Wills Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

This is a dynamic cultural gem and community resource where international, national, and local artists share their art with large audiences. Situated in the heart of the city, the Wallis is recognized by its wide-ranging programming that reflects a diverse landscape of LA and its location in the entertainment capital of the globe. The center has produced and presented over 275 dance, opera, theater, cinema, classical music, and family programs since it was opened. Read about Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills, CA here.

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

This store might be small, but its aromas and selections are marvelous. Hyped as the “Mecca for cheese lovers,” the store has a collection of over 500 different flavors of cheeses picked by the longtime owner Norbert Wabnig. The cheese selection can be somewhat overwhelming, especially for the cheese shop newbie. However, the knowledgeable and friendly staff are willing and happy to assist stranded visitors. 

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