Best Places to Visit in Beverly Hills, CA

Irrespective of the season you would live to travel in, Beverly Hills has lots of fun and attraction all year. Apart from holding popular events and festivities, the town is rich in history, and visiting places around the town offer you a glimpse of that history. Beverly Hills, CA  can be seen here.

Revolver Gallery

If you love pop art and its prominent figure Andy Warhol, then you can’t miss a visit to the revolver gallery. This is where you will find everything you need to know about Andy Warhol. It features more than 150 original paintings and prints. The museum is made of classic pop art aesthetic and a flower mural adorning the ceiling and minimalistic décor. Click here to read about Fun Things to Do in Beverly Hills CA.

The Gottlieb Native Garden

This is one of the most acclaimed private gardens in California that sits on a one-acre private land of Dan and Susan Gottlieb. While this garden is not open to locals throughout the year as a private site, you can visit it at select times as part of special occasions like the annual Theodore Payne foundation annual garden tour every spring. Over 200 native plant species are displayed with more than 400 documented animal species. 

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