Fun Things to Do in Beverly Hills CA

Traveling to Beverly Hills doesn’t necessarily mean only enjoying the many attractions. The place also offers good places where you can relax as you meditate. Beverly is a place to enjoy a calm nature and take in the alfresco scenery. Information can be found here.

Will Rogers Memorial Park

This is one of the famous public parks situated at the heart of the town. Built in 1912, the park has been famous with families since that time, and it’s a highly visited tourist site. As you navigate through the meandering pathways, you’ll come across a large pond with a huge fountain at the center. This park features extensive lawns, Rose gardens, dragons, and palm trees. The Will Rogers memorial park is an ideal place to visit and relax after a hectic trip. See here for information about Things to Do in Beverly Hills CA.

Franklin Canyon Park

Franklin Canyon Park is a hidden gem of Beverly Hills that is situated between Beverly Hills and San Fernando Valley. The pack features chaparral grasslands, lakes, hiking trails, and oak forests. Ensure you visit the Sooky Goldman nature center, the Eugene and Michael Rosenfeld auditorium and also the Sam Goldman amphitheater. The duck pond and lake features more than 50 species of birds, both exotic and native. 

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