Rustic Canyon, CA – A Unique Experience For All Occasions

“This is the place you are looking for” has long been an old saying among those who are looking for authentic American fare in the desert. For some, that is the beautiful and exotic Northern California, but for others, they are looking for a taste of what the locals have to offer. And if you are looking for that type of dining experience, look no further than Rustic Canyon, CA. This popular area is the ideal location to enjoy a quality meal while staying at the hotel and taking advantage of all that the area has to offer. More about Beverly Hills, CA  can be seen here.


Rustic Canyon, CA is a one-of-a-kind, two-building community located in California’s majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains. The community, which was founded in 1969 by husband and wife team Jim and Nancy Blumenfeld, is home to an incredible selection of homes that reflect the American pioneer spirit. In fact, there are many structures and homes that have been restored to be as authentic as possible. The architecture of the buildings, as well as the colors and the landscaping, have remained consistent with the original architecture during the time that the property was being built. The homes have been updated over the years to include modern conveniences. While you are here, you will find that you will not need to leave to have to leave, since the community is only minutes away from anything you might want to do. In addition, the communities surrounding Rustic share a common bond through their love for the outdoors and for nature. Click here to read about Introduction About Santa Monica, California.



Rustic is a part of the San Francisco Bay area and is just a short drive from San Francisco. Visitors to this area can find themselves enjoying the unique flavors of Southern California, which is why the restaurants that are in Rustic offer some of the best cuisine in the entire state. There is a plethora of different cuisines and restaurants that offer different flavors of foods. While many are known for their famous signature dish that has become so popular with tourists, others have gained popularity by offering unique and delicious food that is less known to the public. Regardless of the food that you choose, it is sure to please, so whether you are planning a romantic dinner or simply want to have a casual meal with your family and friends, Rustic is the place to go.

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